Week 1: The Internet before it was cool.

by whiteoxeye

This, my friends, is no television. This is the coolest thing one can have at home back in the 90s. This was the beginning of my virtual life.

Before I was introduced to the internet, the only thing I remembered using the Hewlett-Packard (I liked pronouncing this when I was younger) PC for was these:

Hugo’s House of Horror

DK’s I Love Math!

Encarta’s trivia game, Mindmaze

Boy, was I a geek! Believe it or not, I have no recollections of what I did with the Internet when I was younger. I guess I was a late Internet user. The only memory I had of using the Internet was when I was in Secondary school. Back then there was no fiber-optics, webpages took forever to load, but I was satisfied. It is also important to note that I had developed an intense hatred for the telephone, because every time it rang, my internet connection died.

So, what was I using the Internet for?




Msn Messenger

I practically lived on MSN. I would be sitting in front of the computer in my school uniform, and I would eat my meals there too. I would sit there until it was time to be dragged away. The most common words we’ll exchange was: “sorry, dced.” Which meant, “sorry, I was disconnected from the internet.” Which pretty much explains how crappy the connection was, but we weren’t complaining!

It was the new house phone, MSN messenger was the new way of communicating with my friends and cousins! My parents were very, very concerned, and this was why:-

Who I am chatting with:

Who my parents think I chat with:

I am not kidding, they kept warning me about the creepy children lovers on the Internet, begging me not to chat on MSN anymore despite me telling them that it is my friends I am chatting with!

The Internet has really evolved now that I think about it. There are so much more things you can do with the Internet right now as compared to the 90s. These are just some of the things we can do with the Internet today!

Just look at me now, I am blogging for education purposes! If I were to say I am using the computer for schoolwork 10 years back, my mother would be all-ready in this position,

waiting for me to get off the computer.

So tell me, what were your first memories of the Internet?