Week 3: Social media and us.

by whiteoxeye

I have to admit that social media plays a huge part in my life, and I can safely say the same for you. It has become such a huge part of our lives because our friends are using it, so much so that if we are not engaged, we lose updates from our friends.

What is the social media for me?
• the new “hangout” place
• the free private investigator
• the handy contact list
• the convenient news update
• the organised photo album
• the “on-demand” tv
• the hassle-free library

All the words in bold are probably why social media works for you too! In that it is new, free, handy, convenient, organised, on-demand and hassle-free.

I have possibly tried majority of the social media that have come and gone, or stayed. Here’s to name a few, in no particular order:
• Friendster (abandoned)
• Tumblr (forgotten about periodically)
• Stumbleupon (literally stumbled upon it)
• Twitter (active)
• Facebook (deleted then reactivated for my photos then ignored)
• MySpace (abandoned)
• YouTube (very much active)
• Flickr (abandoned)
• Hi5! (no idea what that does even now)
• Blogger (abandoned for WordPress)
• WordPress (well, this is WordPress)

This is not a complete list, my memory fails to serve me well at this point in time.

Although I must say that the novelty of such social media is starting to dwindle for me albeit the ridiculous amount of time I used to spend on each of these sites.

We all must have forgotten how is it like without such a high level of technology, how people used to interact and how much more we get out of face to face interactions.

In this time and age, I must admit that we all need social media. People are so busy, with work mostly, an whatever is left, is spent with family. Social media provides that communication that would have otherwise be eradicated because of time constraint.

So to prove that we still have it in us, the ability to depend on ourselves, to make time for the people who matter to us, I challenge you to go without social media, just for a week.