Week 6: E-what?

by whiteoxeye

My mom use to nag at me every time I’m on the computer, begging me to quit wasting my time and do something productive instead.

What she didn’t know was that I was actually learning something. Well, neither did I. It just did not seem like learning, you know? All she saw was her daughter sitting in front of the computer, and watching videos. Well, that was all I did. YouTube. Clicking and typing and watching. It seemed too easy.

Looking back, I sure did learn plenty! I learnt how to do my own nails, instead of spending about $40 at the nail place. It wasn’t professional, lines were crooked, the skin around my nails all have polish on them, my left hand refuses to paint as nicely as my right, but I like it. I like that I did it myself, an I like that people compliment them and then praise me for a job well done. See, they aren’t all that bad, right?

As I got older, my computer skills got better. So I thought to myself, why not learn how to edit photos? And so I did. I learnt how to use photoshop, at least the basics of superimposing pictures onto on another. Step by step, I followed exactly what the guy in the video said. And I did it, I successfully superimposed my boyfriend and I, in the forest. Again, it is not professional, the edges are not smooth and it was poorly done. But hey, I learnt it and pull it off within minutes of watching the video. See, it’s not too shabby, is it?

So I painted my nails, photoshopped myself in the forest. What’s next?

I found this guy on YouTube. He taught me plenty, he taught me how to cook. Oh yes, you read it right. I tried cooking, not the how to flip a pancake cooking, but elaborate food like potato chowder and shepherd’s pie. I would show you pictures, but I dug into the food so fast, it was finished before I knew it. On the account of you being so patronising, I’ll sell my guy out. Here’s the video of the chowder he taught me to make:

So tell me guys, have you learnt anything online?