Week 10: The winning formula.

by whiteoxeye

A government depends on its people to vote for them. For years, political parties garnered their votes via the traditional mediums such as the television, radio and newspaper. It was successful, the messages were communicated across perfectly.

All was good, until a certain group of voters rise up. These people changed the way political parties campaigned. These were also the group of people that the political parties must get through to. These, are the new voters. The young people. The people who cares less about politics. How then, can political parties campaign? Of course, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. The tech-savvy generation needs a tech savvy campaign.

This is a formula I’ve come up with, and it sure seems to me that these formulae work.

It wasn’t only Singapore, Barack Obama also made use of social media to campaign during his time.

See, the reason why social media works is because social media knows no boundaries. For campaigners, the most important benefit would be that it costs almost nothing. The wide reach that social media encompasses has made it the best propaganda machine.

To be fair, even working adults are leaning towards social media. This, is the power of the internet, for political campaigning, and honestly, for everything else too.